Roof rack for Land Rover Discovery 3/4 – Installation on short rails

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The Out-Rack roof rack for Discovery 3/4 in Full Size version weighs only 26 kg and was developed to be installed without modification on all cars equipped with short rails.

With a total footprint of only 9 cm, it allows access to all parking spaces with a height limit of 2 m, even in Standard height. If your vehicle is equipped with the Easy Lift suspension module, you can even access those limited to 1.90 metres! It offers a good, perfectly flat loading area of more than 2.8sqm (2160mm x 1305mm), suitable for loading roof tents or whatever you need for your travels. In this case, the Easy Lift suspension module can also help you to automatically level the car and sleep in comfort!

The Out-Rack roof rack for Discovery 3/4 in Full Size version is compatible with vehicles equipped with sunroof and ‘shark’ type antenna and is equipped with a full height deflector that makes it extremely quiet.

If that is not enough, it’s a variable length! Temporarily need less space and want to make it smaller? It only takes 10 minutes to turn it into its short 1560mm x 1305mm version that takes up only the back two-thirds, another 10 minutes to make it long again.

The Ultra slim Out-Rack milestones?

It is light. Without sacrificing strength, the total weight is always low. This means you can put more weight on the roof.

It is Ultra Slim. With its profiles only 3 cm thick, you reduce the overall height. The total height may vary depending on the car model and roof rack version chosen, please refer to the specific product page.

It is silent. Each ‘full size’ roof rack comes with a front deflector, small for the lower versions or full height for the higher versions, so you can travel at motorway speeds in absolute comfort.

It is perfectly flat. A flat loading surface facilitates the installation of any load, even if it exceeds the limits of the roof rack itself.

It is practical. T-slots arranged throughout the roof rack offer the possibility of inserting bolts or eyebolts without positioning constraints. Place the load wherever you want and secure it to the Out-Rack with millimetre precision!

It is corrosion-proof. The main frame is made of aluminium. The brackets and hardware are made of 430 steel. The whole frame is also powder-coated with a black anti-UV finish.

The Out-Rack roof rack is shipped in kit and is easy to assemble. The positioning of the loading crossbars “suggested” in the assembly instructions is designed to allow you to walk safely on the rack as your foot will always rest on at least two crossbars. You can still position them as required without any constraints. In fact, the Out-Rack system allows you to place them where they are most useful to you.

Complete your Out-Rack loading system with the available accessories to make it your ideal travelling companion.

Kit contents:

  • Out-Rack loading floor
  • Discovery 3/4 – LR3/4 brackets for vehicle equipped with short rails
  • Full height wind fairing
  • Fittings

Roof racks versions for Discovery 3/4 available:

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