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“Ultra slim’ is the first in the new line of Out-Rack roof racks for off-road vehicles and SUVs of various makes. It has been designed to provide the maximum permitted load capacity in the lowest possible weight, which means robustness and lightness.


Out-Rack Ultra Slim

The packaging has also been specially designed to make your Out-Rack travel safely while reducing shipping costs. Out-Rack will arrive in kit form, the assembly of the parts is simple and you have the option of customising the loading platform to suit your needs, or keeping the configuration of the crossbars ‘suggested’ in the assembly instructions, designed to make you walk safely and fully compatible with the accessories designed for the rack.


Ultra lightweight

Out-Rack Ultra Slim is one of the lightest roof racks on the market. This means being able to put more weight on the roof.

Ultra low

The load bed profile is only 30 mm high for better aerodynamic efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Perfectly flat loading surface

Its loading surface is completely flat and even and can be used in every single part.

Practicality and functionality

Each load-bearing table component has several slots for inserting bolts or eyebolts without positioning constraints.

Against corrosion

Made of aluminium and stainless steel. The entire structure is also powder-coated with a black anti-UV finish.


Reduced aerodynamic impact and the specific front baffle reduce noise by 50 per cent.



Various accessories are already available such as awning mounts, LED bar mounts, side and rear lights and much more is under development. Also, if you let us know what your requirements are, we will be happy to help you make a customised accessory.


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