Out-Rack Propane Tank

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The Out-Rack Propane Tank holder is made of steel, the body is painted with special UV-resistant paint to preserve its appearance over time, the stainless steel closing band is equipped with an eyelet for a padlock and an adjustable hook.

The Out-Rack Propane Tank holder is designed to accommodate tank with a maximum diameter of 20cm (7.8″), typically 2 and 3 kg tanks There are holes and slots in the body for multiple adjustments, so all you have to do is move the closure strip to the desired height and width to accommodate your cylinder.

The holder can be mounted ‘on the wall’, such as on the side of a trailer, or on any generic rack with 8 mm slots.

if you own an Out-Rack roof rack, this specific kit is available for you.


  • Materiale: Steel
  • Finish: UV-resistant powder coating
  • Kit contents:
    • nr. 1 Propane tank holder
    • nr. 1 adjustable locking band
    • nr. 1 fittings kit
    • nr. 1 anti-vibration rubber spacers
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