Recovery Plates Bracket Kit

The Out-Rack Recovery Plates Bracket Kit allows 2 or 4 plates to be fixed in case of silting or recovery situations in general (snow, mud…).

The special design gives you the possibility to fix the plates in any position of the Out-Rack Ultra Slim rack, and you can also choose to fix them vertically, horizontally or at an angle. Longitudinally or transversely.

Thanks to the special configuration, it is possible to accommodate plates of the different brands on the market, in fact all you have to do is move the threaded rods to the holes that best suit your needs.

So one kit several possibilities, maximum versatility.

  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Finish: UV-resistant powder coating
  • Kit contents:
    • no. 2 C-brackets
    • no. 2 long C-brackets
    • no. 4 M8 threaded bars
    • all required fittings

143.44  VAT Ex.

SKU: UsA00012
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