Gullwing side panel for Discovery L319

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The Gullwing side panel for Discovery L319 from Out-Rack is the ultimate component for those who want to prepare their vehicle for Overlanding.
The kit forms the basis of an expandable and modular loading system, which allows space inside and outside the vehicle that would otherwise be unused to be utilised.

The Gullwing for Discovery L319 replaces the side glass of the third row and is installed either with screws, not visible when the operation is complete, or with normal window sealant.
The basic kit consists only of the panel that is installed in place of the glass. Made of stainless steel and powder-coated, it is manufactured using the best components on the market. In order to get the most out of the product, Out-Rack recommends installation by qualified personnel (body shops).

Practical gas dampers make it easy to open and close the door, and a pair of locks with a key allow the door to be securely closed. An automotive gasket prevents water from entering through the door opening, even under the most demanding conditions such as high-pressure washing.
Two aluminium ‘Airline’ rails firmly fixed to the panel offer the possibility of anchoring Out-Rack accessories or other objects outside the vehicle. They are supplied in natural aluminium as standard and are also available in black, powder-coated on request.

As a complement to the panel, there is also the specific internal cabinet equipped with panel springs and shelves.

The product is compatible with 5- or 7-seater vehicles.
Removing the right glass also removes one of the radio’s two FM antennas. From the tests run, this does not prevent good channel reception. For basic audio systems (6-button radio), however, the installation of an external FM antenna (not included) is recommended.
By removing the left glass, the TV antenna is removed. In this case, it was not possible for us to carry out tests ourselves.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: UV-resistant powder coating
  • Kit contents:
    • no. 1 gullwing side panel with door
    • nr. 2 “Airline” rails
    • hardware required for installation

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