Gullwing cabinet for Discovery L319


The Gullwing cabinet for Discovery L319 from Out-Rack is the perfect complement to the Gullwing side panel!
The kit offers an additional load volume of around 37 litres in an otherwise unused space and the contents are conveniently accessible from the outside, without having to open the car all the time.

The Gullwing cabinet for Discovery L319 installs directly onto the panel, without interfering with the interior trim of the car. Its dimensions are designed to be compatible with all cars, even those equipped with an audio system with speakers on the rear pillar, however, it is not compatible with the original Land Rover load barrier. The convenient bottle holder in the third row is always available for use.

the interior is equipped with a Molle panel to which loads can be secured if necessary. Also included are a vertical divider and two horizontal shelves, which can be quickly installed or removed depending on individual needs or the journey to be undertaken.
The bottom of the locker is designed with an opening that allows the use of the storage compartment on the top of the side panels of the boot, and with a provision to quickly create another one to cut a passage for cables, pipes, etc.

The installation can also be done after the installation of the Gullwing side panel, so as to expand the kit already purchased and optimise the investment made.
The Gullwing cabinet for Discovery L319 can be equipped with an additional spring panel to be fitted inside the luggage compartment.

The product is compatible with 5- or 7-passenger vehicles.
In 7-seater vehicles, the airbags in the third row must be disconnected, using the supplied emulation kit, an operation for which qualified personnel are recommended. With regard to the use of the vehicle following such a change, which each customer makes on his own responsibility, please refer to his local regulations.

The product is not compatible with load securing barriers.

  • Material: Iron
  • Finish: UV-resistant powder coating
  • Kit contents:
    • no. 1 gullwing cabinet
    • nr. 1 internal molle panel
    • No. 1 vertical divider
    • No. 2 horizontal shelves
    • No. 1 airbag emulation kit (only for 7-seater vehicles)

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